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Re-roofing is a specialised field that we are well qualified in, from our supervisors to our workforce that has many years of experience of roof replacement under their belt.

Given the unique nature of re-roofing it is crucial to use fully qualified tradesmen – especially in the area of the removal of tiles and replacement of the metal roof cover.

The requirements for tie downs and the replacement of battens are just some of the other areas that require professional attention.

Thinking of a roof replacement to your old roof? We are what you are looking for in the field of re-roofing.

Roof replacement is not as easy as it may look. It is not for the home handyman, even if they have had some experience in renovating other areas of homes. In fact, it takes skill and know-how to take down that old roof and put up another new one. For a start, climbing around the roof structure is a dangerous undertaking in itself for those who are inexperienced. Falling from a roof or a ladder can lead to many devastating injuries that some people may never fully recover from.

Your home is a valuable asset & upgrading your home with a new roof will keep it looking bright and new – for many years to come.

Don’t risk it to save a few dollars on your tile to tin conversions.  You can upgrade your old tiles to a new Colorbond roofwithout any effort at all simply by having our professional roofing team do the work. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to do a top quality job, we have insurance and we have all the qualifications needed to ensure your roof not only looks spectacular, but is strong, durable and weatherproof – and everything else you need in a roof.

 You can trust us in every aspect of re-roofing your home.



Call us today to discuss your roof replacement project

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